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The Futures Trust

The Futures Trust

An Invitation To Candidates From the CEO

To all prospective applicants to The Futures Trust schools.

I would like to warmly welcome you to The Futures Trust and the brighter future that we can offer. We are a thriving, vibrant and morally grounded organisation with a deep regard and commitment to our staff and the part they play in our success. We know that every person, no matter what role they perform, is essential to developing outstanding learners and in turn building outstanding schools. That is why we invest in the very best staff and ensure that they are supported carefully to reach their full potential and achieve their aspirations. 

The Futures Trust is committed to the principle of excellence through collaboration and partnership. Our schools collaborate through a common desire to learn from each other, share experiences and be mutually supportive in order that exceptional educational experiences are provided for all our students.  From this shared commitment and belief in mutual support we gain our sense of belonging.

The Futures Trust and all the schools base their decision-making on 3 core principles:

  1. Learners First – young people, staff, leaders, governors and trustees totally focused upon the educational benefit of our pupils and students within a safe and supportive environment
  2. It’s about learning – young people, staff, leaders, governors and trustees totally focused upon developing and improving the learning of pupils and students underpinned by harmonious and trusting relationships
  3. No Barriers – no excuses, only support to ensure young people, staff, leaders, governors and trustees maximise the academic achievement of pupils and students whilst enabling them to develop and flourish as well rounded individuals

The successful candidate will join The Futures Trust at a very exciting time. All our schools are committed to ensuring their learners make outstanding progress and that teachers and leaders are supported to be the best they possibly can be. The Futures Trust is dedicated to Building Brighter Futures for our students, our staff and our communities. Our organisation brings together teaching and support professionals who are passionate about young people and ensuring that each and every learner in our care is given the best possible start. We are proud of our “no barriers” approach to education, ensuring children of all abilities and from all backgrounds are encouraged to set high goals and work hard to achieve them.

Through collaboration and partnership we have developed a strong learning community in which school leaders and teachers plan collaboratively to secure outstanding learning, spread expertise and tackle challenges together. Our prime focus is upon quality learning in the classroom. Professional development, including action research and the development of career stage leadership and teaching skills underpins our commitment to transform young people’s lives through exceptional educational experiences. We provide extensive opportunities for joint professional development including

  • 8 secondary subject collaborations
  • 8 KS2-3 literacy and numeracy collaborations including the development of a Year 5-8 curriculum
  • Leadership and teaching development programmes working with a range of  partners such as Warwick University, SSAT, Teaching Leaders and Teach First
  • The Futures Trust Leadership Programme including
    • School Improvement Framework
    • School Improvement Journey
    • Leadership Impact Measures
  • Shared Inset Days: January and June – teacher pedagogy, leadership of learning
  • Strategic partner of President Kennedy Teaching School Alliance

We invest in outstanding opportunities for our staff to learn and grow so that they invest in our young people. We encourage working across phase and provide a richness of opportunity for engagement and involvement in training, events, dialogue and research. Whilst our strategic objectives may change, our vision and ethos will remain a constant reminder of what makes us unique and special.

With 8 schools, The Futures trust has over 6,000 learners and 800 staff. If you do come and work for us, you will be joining a professional learning community totally focused upon learning and dedicated to ensuring learners achieve their potential and build their own brighter future. It is an exhilarating journey for everybody involved. I encourage you to join this journey and complete and submit your application.

If there is any further information you require, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Steve Toor

Interim CEO