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The Futures Trust

The Futures Trust

Finance and Management Reports

The trust's budget and financial resources are overseen by the Board of Trustees and a Finance, Resources, Risk and Audit Committee.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of The Futures Trust and adhering to the ‘Governors Code of Practice’, the Finance, Resources, Audit and Risk Committee:

  • Exercises responsibility for and oversight of the finances, assets and staff within the Trust and its academies.
  • Oversees all systems of governance, internal control, ensure risk management processes and audit functions are in place and fit for purpose and that an effective internal control environment is established across the Trust and its academies. It reports its findings annually to the Board of Trustees and the Accounting Officer as a critical element of The Futures Trust’s annual reporting requirements.

The Futures Trust's appointed external auditors are:

R.S.M. (formerly known as Baker Tilly)
St Philips Point
Temple Row
B2 5AF